About Hubcore

Hubcore is a consulting driven company that aims at fulfilling the need for a professional customer-orientated computer company. Hubcore emphasizes on service delivery and customer support to differentiate itself from its competitors. With Botswana’s internet usage growing at an exponentially rate and the current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies indicates that Hubcore has the potential to penetrate a lucrative market.

We realize that for us to successfully penetrate the market we need to be flexible and responsive to market changes and client demands by providing solutions that they need when they need them before the competition can offer them. The current market for computer based solution has largely been dominated by big enterprises and business due to relatively high costs. What Hubcore aims to do is nurture the microenterprises customer segments because at Hubcore we realize the potential they have. In most developing economies small medium enterprises and microenterprises has the largest spending power.